This Crazy Life

Like most parents, our kids mean the world to us.  We strive to provide the best possible for them.  When it was time for Allyssa to start kindergarten, I had a 3 year old and was pregnant with our baby.  We had her in a Christian school that we loved.  However, we took a big leap of faith and decided that I would quit my full time job and stay home with the two little ones.  I can’t begin to tell you how hard of a decision this was.  However, we knew we could no longer afford to put her in the Christian school.  We prayed and prayed and truly seeked God in the decision to stay home and where to send Allyssa to school.  I put in an application to a local Charter School, but did not expect to hear anything as they operate on a lottery system and have hundreds of kids apply for kindergarten each year.  To our surprise and Gods blessing Allyssa got in.  So, now all of our girls will be able to attend a popular and top rated Charter School in our state.

I was also offered a part time, stay at home job that I am still enjoying.  It has worked out well.  My job responsibilities have changed over the years but I continue to be able to stay home with the kids and work on my own schedule.  I usually handle the kids during the day and do most my work in the evenings and during nap time.

During the school year my typical day starts off by getting up, getting the kids dressed and fed for school.  Preparing lunches (love the bento and Yum boxes), corralling the kids into the van, driving 25 minutes to take the 2 big girls to school, me and the little one coming home, cleaning, playing, lunch, nap-work, going back to pick up the kids, home to do homework and make dinner.  Then family time until bedtime.  I do work when the girls go to bed, usually until about 10 PM to midnight, a few hours sleep and repeat.

I also lead the fellowship team at church, help in nursery, help changing banners and flowers, organizing and plannings events and making sure the kitchen stays stocked.  I try to participate in Women’s Bible study when I can and children’s events.

From reading above it sounds like I have a busy life and by all means I do.  However, I must also say that I have the most awesome husband.  He works out Monday, Wednesday and Friday and leaves at 5am.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays he lets me sleep in a bit while he helps get the kids fed and ready in the morning before he leaves for work.  He goes to the office, puts his all in his job, in his PT, and overall trying to better himself to provide everything the kids and I could hope for.  I don’t usually cook much on the weekends because he spoils us and after doing some housework, yard work, farm work we go out to parks, dinner and a lot of times ice cream for fun.

My husband also is active in the church.  He is on the worship team and plays the drums mostly or the base.  He also helps fill in and do men’s study, Sunday School and some preaching on occasions and has been a Deacon a few times now in addition to going on several missions trips.

I grew up on a horse farm.  My dad taught me from a young age what work was.  We didn’t have much time for TV or video games we were outside around the farm.  I appreciate that more as I have gotten older and now have my own kids.  So, Jeremy and I have decided that we need to give electronics more rest and family time more attention.  Another reason for the goats.  The kids are also all 3 taking a gymnastics camp right now and dance this fall.  We want to provide the kids engaging activities that also foster team work, individual growth, faith, and respect.