Just walking our goats.


Earlier this year (2017) I started trying to talk my husband into getting goats.  From the above photo you can see who won that discussion.  I did a ton of research, we went and bought the fencing and got started on building a goat pen.  I looked for baby goats for months before I finally came upon these beauties.  Of course, the girls wanted to each have their own goat and they wanted females.  We are working hard to teach the kids responsibility and think goats are a great addition to our family.  The kids and I are completely in love with these little ladies and I plan to blog about this new adventure.  You can follow along in our journey. #Goats

Be sure to follow my instagram for more photos.  I can’t seem to get videos to upload right now so I also have some videos of the goats playing. https://www.instagram.com/tannahsw/

Below is Isabelle with Zoe and Kaylee with Jillie.


Princess Riley



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