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Snow Days

I am not a huge fan of cold weather.  However, if we are going to have it what better than to be able to enjoy some snow.  Living in the south, we don’t get it much.  This time around they were only calling for a trace to 1 inch of snow.  We have been having super cold days so of course, anything that fell would stick.
Well, hubby called on his way home yesterday to say it was snowing.  Shortly before he made it home, it started snowing here.  By the time the kids went to bed we already had 2 inches and it was still snowing.  Not long after we got them in bed, I receive the phone call that schools will be closed.
9PM snow fall so far, still coming down.
The kids were so excited and giddy last night.  Of course, they woke up at 6:15 this morning.  ALL 3, come running and squealing downstairs.  My hubby had to go to work so it’s just been me and the girls.  My nephews also came over for a few hours.
We figured we have between 3 and 3.5 inches depending where you measure.  Not bad considering the trace we were expecting.  It’s enough to cover everything and is the powdery snow not the ice we are used to getting.  Hubby made his hour commute to work this morning with no trouble.  He said it was a lot slower going and he was cautious of course.
The kids have been in and out all day.  Finally after going out at 1pm I decided enough was enough and they would be done for the day.  I may change my mind and let them go out one more time later but we will see.  Everyone’s cheeks are red and I really don’t want them getting sick.
I have made hot chocolate in my pressure cooker and made them homemade Mac N Cheese for lunch.  I’ll probably make them some snow cream after a while.  We have 3-3.5 inches and this is the 2nd snow fall so it should be fine for snow cream.
Here are some of my Instagram Post with photos from our snow.


As I was sitting here writing, God gave me a much-needed reminder for the day.  My youngest is one of those kids who when she gets tired, she gets destructive and causes non stop chaos.  They have played hard and she refused to sit still for more than a moment, and was trying to pull things out of the pantry, torturing the cat, and aggravating her sister.  Finally, I said enough…. I grabbed her up sat with her in my lap and started to rock her while patting her butt.
Within less than a minute she quit crying.  A few minutes later she was sound asleep.  Snoring and all!  Now, this child does not sit still and I can not tell you the last time I was able to rock her to sleep.  I felt an almost audible voice telling me to STOP and ENJOY the moment.  I sat here in my chair rocking her, kissing her, and honestly just enjoying the moment for as long as I could.  Which was until my foot fell asleep that I was sitting on.
So, today… ENJOY the moment.  I know a lot of us on the east coast are experiencing snow.  Rather than getting caught up in the chaos of SNOW DAYS, just sit back and be thankful for the day and time with your kiddos.
Thank you God for the simple reminder.  I know this very well could be the last time I get to hold her and rock her to sleep in my arms.  Honestly, I thought that moment was already past.  Feeling very blessed and rejuvenated now.



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