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New Phase of Life-Kids will all be in school

I get asked a lot, what am I going to do when Isabelle starts preschool.  Meaning, all 3 kids are at school.  We have another year before that will become a reality, but non the less I’ve really been doing quite a bit of thinking about it.
First off, I work from home so it’s not like I will have nothing to do.  Most people know this fact yet because I am home with the kids, take and pick the big two up from school, and involved in every aspect of their lives, it’s simply forgotten by all.  However, I put in 25-30 hours per week.
This mostly consists of me working when Isabelle naps, and between 8 PM to midnight.  There are not many nights that I go to bed before 11 pm.  If everyone sits down to watch a movie I tend to jump on the computer and do some work.
My hubby is great and has re-arranged his schedule a bit to where he can stay home a little longer in the mornings and lets me sleep till 6:30.  I wake up and he has already woken the kids up, and put me a big fresh pot of coffee on.  He helps with the kid’s breakfast before heading out.  That leaves finishing up breakfast, packing lunches, getting the kid’s dressed and out the door to me.
So, here are some of my thoughts for when I get all the kid’s in school.
  1. I could actually set up a real office and work during the hours they are at school.
  2. Would love to volunteer more at the kids school.
  3. I could get involved in a charity.  I have always wanted to support the USO or other military organizations that do so much for our soldiers.
  4. I know I want to go back to college and finally finish my accounting degree.
Obviously, #1 is most appealing.  I would love to go back to being able to work during the day and actually spend my evenings and weekends hanging out with my family instead of committed to the computer and work.  I love my job, I’m good at it, I am blessed to be able to do it from home and be there for my family.  After 6 years and increased responsibilities/hours, it does take a toll.  It would be great to be able to go to bed at the same time as my husband.
I get sad thinking about all the kids being in school.  We will be entering a  NEW stage of life.  While it comes with many benefits, its also a reality that they are growing up.  No more babies!  I know that we are only given them a short time, in the grand scheme of things.  Eighteen years to raise, guide, and try to get them in the right direction before they go off on their own in this big scary world.
I pick with my kids and say they have to go to a local college so they can still stay with mommy.  Any that know me, know I have still not let my 10- year old go to a sleepover.  I like my kids under my roof, where I know they are safe.  Then we have our youngest, Miss Isabelle who says she is going to build a tree house in the backyard and live there forever.  😀
So I guess this is a little more of a rambling and whats on my heart and mind.  If you are reading this, pray for me.  Pray for the decisions ahead.  I would love to do the same for you.  Also, be sure to hug your kids a little tighter tonight.  To have a little more patience and remember that they are only yours a while.  Ultimately they belong to God and His will be done.  I pray each of my children will come to know and accept Jesus in their hearts.  I pray that He will use them mightily in His kingdom even if its outside mommies comfort zone.  I pray that he will guide and direct our path as we come to this new phase of Life.
Hug your kids a little tighter tonight and remember that they are only yours for a short time in the grand scheme of things. Click To Tweet

Accepting Liebster Award-Thank you

I am so honored to be nominated for the Liebster Award.  For anyone who may be stopping by my blog for the first time a little about me.  My name is Tannah.  I started my blog about 6 weeks ago.  Initially I wanted to document my journey and just have something that my kids could one day look back at.  Then I discovered that you could potentially make money blogging and have people interested in my stories. So now, I try to do a little better in my writing and reaching out to others who may need encouragement or sometimes just laughs at what happens around here.

I want to send a huge thank you to Amy, who is a fellow blogger of Yukon Mama of 4.  I love her blog.  She is another christian mama writing about life in the chaos/blessing of raising kiddos.

Please check her blog out at:

The Liebster Award is designed for new and upcoming bloggers to build their audience and to welcome them into the community.

So a little about my blog. I am happily married.  My husband is active duty in the National Guard.  I stay home with my youngest daughter, while also working from home for a property management company.  We also have 3 dogs, a cat, and recently purchased goats.   Most importantly, we strive to follow Jesus in all that we do.  I feel like my main job is to raise our kids to know Jesus and put their faith and trust in Him, not us or this world.  This blog is mainly to share life experiences and encourage other moms along the way.

When Amy nominated me she gave me these questions to answer along with the opportunity to nominate 10 bloggers of my own choosing for the Liebster Award. Here are her questions, along with my answers…


1) What drove you to start your blog?

As I mentioned above, I really wanted to just document life and leave this for my girls to one day look back on.  That way they can know that while I struggled, I loved every bit of being their mom.  I also hope to encourage other moms and document this journey of owning goats.

2) Do you read often? If so, what is your favorite book?

No, with all going on in life, its hard to find time to read my Bible much less other books.  Jeremy and I try to do a nightly devotion together, and I love reading Lysa TerKeurst books on the rare occasion I find time.

3) What is your favorite quote?

“Be safe, sleep with a soldier, just not mine.”  😀

4) If you could have dinner with anyone-dead or alive who would you choose?

Wow that’s tough.  I’ve had so many great people I love die.  I would have to say my mother in law, Carolyn.  I would love to have one more conversation with her and make sure she knows how much I love her and her son.  To ask her questions and hear her tell stories of the crazy things the kids did growing up.  I am so blessed to have known her, and have her love and support in marrying her son.

5) What is your favorite post you have written? (Include a link!!)

That’s another tough one.  I’ve had several post get more likes and comments than others.  However, probably my favorite one is my most recent post.  It’s so easy to get caught up in life and kids and we put our spouse on the back burner.  I should have added laughter in here…  If it wasn’t for my husband and his ability to make me laugh on the worse days, I don’t know what I’d do.

Make Your Spouse Top Priority, While Balancing Life

6) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would love to take the kids to Disney some day.  I am not the most frugal person but I just can’t bring myself to spending that much money on a vacation that they may or may not remember.  The planning of it also makes it a daunting task.

7) Who inspires you most?

My mom!  She is an incredible women.  She raised my brothers and me while working with my dad, taking us to school, attending all our ballgames, and having a huge horse farm.  After we were grown and out she went back to college for Nursing and is now a RN for a local Hospice Home.  She has been a living example of the kind of mom I aim to be, a great wife, and just getting through everything thrown at her. 

8) What is your best advise for new bloggers?

Don’t get discouraged.  Stay true to yourself and your writing and be sure to set up all your social media networks to get your blog viewed more.

9) Describe yourself in three words.

Christian, Wife, and Mom

10) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years all the kids will be in school.  I hope to be breeding goats and milking as well as more successful with this blog so I can continue to stay home and be active in my kids lives, sports, and church.  I would love to get our little homestead going to where we can raise the kids knowing whats it’s like to live on a farm and teach work ethics. 

Now, I am returning the favor and nominating 10 New Bloggers for the same award. 


To accept, make a blog post accepting the Liebster Award.  Tell about yourself, thank the person who nominated you and answer the questions below.  Please include my blog link

Here are your questions:

  1. How long have you been blogging?
  2. What make you decide to start a blog?
  3. Give 3 tips to new bloggers based on what you’ve learned so far.
  4. Share links to any additional social media platforms you have.
  5. Who inspires you most and why?
  6. What is your blogging goal for your first year?
  7. How can you encourage another mom blogger?
  8. Whats your favorite post you have written?  Include the link.
  9. What free platform do you use the most for blogging?  IE Canva
  10. Whats your favorite quote?




Projects, Projects, and Hubby to the Rescue….

Am I the only one who starts projects, with good intention, and then hubby has to step in and rescue me? My poor husband has had to do this a lot. See, I start things, thinking it will be easy and I can do it. Shortly into, find its a much larger project and nothing ever goes according to plan. At least not for me.

Some of these can be small, like wanting to redecorate and needing him to hang a picture. Yes, I “could” hang a picture, but I’m OCD and making it straight and even, and center is too important for me to mess it up. 😀


Then there are projects, that come along that just need to be done.

Isabelle’s Artwork, on my LIVING ROOM wall.

This is one, I could do myself except couldn’t even get the 5-gallon paint bucket OPEN. Seems dried paint around the seal, also caused hubby a few minutes time to pry it open. Good thing, I enlisted his help, as he had to stir it for a good while as the paint had separated. Of course, you can’t go through all that time and effort getting the paint right, just to cover one tiny spot. We ended up going around the entire living room, hallway, up the steps, and upstairs hallway cleaning walls and doing paint touch-ups.

There are also times when I get something in my head, like goats. I have awesome convincing powers, did all my research, and put a plan in place. He agreed to the goats. The biggest obstacle was putting up a fence. Then when he was away training, and I built a goat shack. That was simply, unacceptable, and more importantly, unsightly, so he came home and had to rescue me again and build my goats a lovely raised shelter.

According to my mother, my husband, doesn’t know how to tell me no. There are occasions that he does. Rare as they may be. One of my projects I started back at the beginning of summer was to stain the deck, and playground. This may not sound like much to you. However, we have a rather large back deck, and the fenced area around the playground has never been stained. Then there is lattice under our deck which happens to be about 10 ft off the ground. I have pictures below to try and better show you what I mean. This was a HUGE undertaking and one my husband refused to rescue me from. He swore last time we stained the porch, that he would NEVER do it again. He HATES painting/staining with a passion! I knew it would be a big project, but thought I could do it no problem. I don’t even know how many times I’ve had to go back to Lowes for MORE…. stain.

Ignore the dead rose bush and kids toys everywhere.

Today was Isabelle’s first day in preschool which gave me a few hours to work on it. I was so determined to finally finish. What do you think happened? Yep, I ran out of stain again! With only like 4 posts left to go. So, I guess I will be spending Thursday morning, finishing it up.

I really do have a wonderful hubby who spoils me and the kids greatly! In my defense, I do A LOT around the house. If I see something needs to be done, I try to do it myself. I have mowed the grass, weed eated, pulled weeds, washed clothes, washed dishes, taken off trash (one of my least favorite things, that I usually leave for the husband) etc etc. Team work, right?

Proud Momma Moment-Raising Jesus Girls

My friends and family know, but some reading will not.  Kaylee, our middle daughter, was held back and did Kindergarten twice.  This was a really hard thing for Jeremy and I to come to grips with.  However, it was by far the best decision for Kaylee.  She did fantastic with Kindergarten last year.  She built confidence with her reading, developed better math skills, and most importantly did not come home crying and struggling. 

The one area, that bothered me was that she did not make good friends.  She had a love/hate relationship with one girl in her class but no strong bond, with anyone.  As petty as it may sound here are the things I prayed non-stop about this summer for Kaylee.

  1. That she was be excited about school, and eager to learn.
  2. That she would make a good friend/friends this year, who would help her grow, encourage her, and be the kind of friend we want her to have.
  3. I prayed for her teacher, and God to put her in the right class for her.
  4. That no one would pick on her about her glasses.
  5. That she would show love/kindness to all in her class.

So, today it made my day, when she jumped in the car telling me about wearing her glasses, without being asked to.  Then went on to tell me she told ____________(a certain child, I wish not to name, that has mental/learning disability), good job, and encouraged him today. 

Later this evening, we went to a birthday dinner for my niece, and ran into her teacher.  Her teacher was telling me how great Kaylee was doing, and how proud she was of Kaylee, for encouraging this same child.  There is nothing, that makes this momma more happy, than to know my child is showing empathy, love, compassion, and putting the fruits of the spirit to work.

We all mess up, fall short, make mistakes daily.  However, my biggest job at this stage of life, is my children.  Raising them right, to love others and follow Christ.  That is a HARD job!  I fail them daily.  I do the best I can to make sure we are praying morning, noon, night, when someone gets hurt, when we hear a need, etc.  We take the kids to church, and our church is more an extended family to us. 

They are raised in church, around fellow believers, and we are active.  I head the fellowship team, my husband is on the worship team, a deacon, and we step in when needed to fill in for Sunday school, or anywhere else we see the need.  I go and decorate the church, and take the kids with me.  Jeremy goes and practices on the drums, and we take the kids.  I am usually cleaning or organizing around the church while he plays around, and the kids are there.  They don’t have a choice but to be saturated in the church.  The church is not the building, its the people.

Our church family is amazing.  When I had Isabelle, we had meals delivered almost daily for 3 weeks.  That was the absolute best blessing anyone has ever given me.  When Jeremy’s mom died, our church stepped up again, brought meals, helped with the funeral in any way we needed, and several came to the service 2 hours away.  When our water pump died on a weekend, we had 2 men from the church come and help pull the 300FT deep pump, and replace it.  The same two men, came and repaired a roof leak.  I could go on, and on.  We are a church of service.  We help each other out.  When there is a need you step in, and take care of people.  I believe whole-heartily, that is what Jesus wants. 

Circling back around, that is what we are trying to teach our children.  Show them how to live for Christ.  It’s not just on Sunday mornings.  We lived our lives that way for a long time.  I am so thankful we have come as far as we have.  I pray we continue to grow closer to Christ, and lead our children in the right direction.  We have a long ways to go, but each day is a step closer. 

I understand, some people do not understand this.  How we can put so much hope, and faith into the unknown.  Something so hard to understand.  I can tell you story after story, about how God is real, and how we have seen and experienced personal situations that can only be explained as God.  I do NOT throw the Bible upside everyone I come in contact with.  However, I do try to show love and respect to everyone.  I try to be a witness by the way I live my life. I try to make sure to instill in our children, that HATE is not acceptable.  We will not condone it, and they will get in big trouble if we find out they are behaving in that manner.  I want to raise Jesus Girls.

I love the quote:

Albert Camus


A Day in the Life of a Work at Home Mom!

When we decided that I would be a stay at home mom, it was a frightening thought.  I was blessed with the opportunity to work from home. While it was supposed to be short term, I am now close to 7 years with the company.  I could not be more thankful for the ability to stay home with my kids, and work at home.

Having said that, it can be ALOT to manage some days.  Today has been one of those days.  I have Management Meetings every other Tuesday morning.  During the summer months, I have been able to do them via conference call. 

Today started out a little unique.  I had to take my grandmother to an appointment.  So, my wonderful hubby made me coffee this morning, and helped me prepare the kids lunches before he had to leave.  He woke the big girls up on his way out.  They came down, I made them breakfast, got them dressed.  Had Allyssa, go let the goats out.  Fixed hair, made sure they had everything ready to get out the door.  We loaded up in the van, headed to get my grandmother. 

School Lunch

I took the kids and dropped them off at school.  I took my grandmother to her appointment, and dropped her off.  While she was in, Isabelle and I, went and picked up medicine, took the dog to the groomer, and went back to pick her up.  Took her home, and came home ourselves.  I quickly tried to get Isabelle all set up with cartoons, a snack, a drink, and plenty to keep her busy for a few minutes.  Not my ideal scenario, but sometimes you just have to make do.  I had to be on my conference call at 10:00.  I called in, did what I had to do, took notes, and kept coming in to check on her every few minutes.  When i was done with my call, this is what I found…….

This kid drives me crazy some days.  She is also refusing to take a nap today.  I’ve put her to bed 3 times already.  While I am trying to have her nap, I’m also folding and putting away clothes.  Trying to do a little work, eat lunch, and pay some bills.

At about 2:15 we will leave to go pick up her sisters from school.  We will get home by 3:30, at which time I will give the kids a snack and get homework done.  Tonight is Isabelle’s Open House for preschool.  Jeremy will be home in time to turn around, and head out again.  We will grab something to eat, head to Open House, and get home in time to get the kids ready for bed.  Busy day!  Once the kids are in bed, I will get on my laptop and do my actual work.  I usually am up until about 11 or so working. 

Some days I really think going back to work full time would be a much easier thing to do.  However, I also know I will never regret spending this time at home with the kids.  When I get old, I will look back and appreciate the time I had with them, and instead wish I had done more for them, I’m sure.

Prayers Always Appreciated!!!!

Goats a walking…

I have posted on every social media platform I have.  With all the hate and non sense on the news and every where you turn, I wanted to share some joy, and happiness.  This is what it’s all about.  Kids being able to walk, talk, and have fun with no cares in the world.  We want them to have a happy childhood.  We want them to remember the fun times, and memories made with our goat babies. 

Enjoy an overload of the joy from kids walking their goats.

First Month Blogging

I want to personally say thank you, to all those who are following, and reading, and encouraging me on this whole blog thing.  I hated writing in school, and am most defiantly, not any good at it.  However, I do enjoy sharing my experiences, tracking our journey with the goats, and life in general.

In my first month of being LIVE to the blogging world here are my accomplishments:

  1. Created from scratch a personal blog page, affiliated links, wrote over 40 blog posts, have received several comments on my page, subscriptions, and a total of  just over 1000 page views.  AWESOME for my first month, I do believe.
  2. Created a twitter, have 68 new followers, 12 retweets, a ton of likes to posts I have made.
  3. Started using my Instagram account, followed a total of 78 people, have a total of 104 followers to my page.
  4. Created a facebook page for my blog.  I’ve dedicated far less time to that so far and just created it about a week ago.  I have just over 50 followers so far.
  5. Worked on my Pinterest.  I’m now following 175 and have 145 following me.
  6. Made ZERO money.  LOL.  I’m obviously doing this all wrong from a money standpoint.  However, I am incredibly proud of my accomplishments and look forward to what month 2 brings.

How can you help?  Share my pages/posts/links and sign up under subscription on my page, so you don’t miss anything.  😀

Seriously, this has gone far better than I ever anticipated.  I would love suggestions/feedback/ideas.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  So of my top posts are:


Horrible, Really BAD day

FREE-Scripture Cards


FREE-Scripture Cards

I LOVE sending the kids scripture cards with their lunches.  This adds a special touch.  They look forward to them each day.  I have found the kids, sneaking in their lunch boxes, to see what mom wrote today.  I have done handwritten notes, but mostly I put in pretty printed cards.  The ones I’m including here, I made myself.  If I get enough people interested, I will post monthly, with new cards/styles/colors.  I made these boy/girl neutral.  The kids like color, so I recommend printing in color.

Hope you enjoy, and your kids do as well.


Click link below…. FREE PDF Printable

Scripture Lunch Cards

If you would be interested in monthly Lunch Cards fill out the form below.

Lunch Notes Signup Form

God teaches better than mommy-Always

As parents, we try to protect, and keep our kids safe.  Sometimes, we set rules, and boundaries that they may not understand.  Just this past week, my oldest daughter learned the hard way.  Mom, and dad, do indeed have her best interest at heart.

She is spunky, full of energy, strong-willed, and extremely determined (aka STUBBORN).  I pray that one day this trait will do her well.  It drives me crazy, and she and I clash way too often.  She is always 100 miles per hour.

Now, let me get to what happened.  Jeremy left for work, with all his girls sleeping.  Allyssa, apparently woke up, decided to go visit the goats.  This is not unusual, and I usually don’t make a big fuss about it.  Pick your battles, kind of thing.  However, the night before, we told her NOT to climb on and attempt to do the goat obstacle course.  We specifically told her, she WOULD get hurt.  There was no, maybe, possibly, might happen, it was a “YOU WILL GET HURT.”  Do you think she listened???

NOPE!  Sure, did not!  However, I have really used this to teach her many lessons.  She has been extremely sore, for days now.  We have prayed that God would heal her lip, and bruises.  She came to me last night, and said, “Mommy, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you, now I know that you really were trying to look after me.”  Why yes, Allyssa, believe it or not, mommy loves you, and really does want whats best for you.

Today in church, the preacher said something(I can’t remember exactly what now), I looked at Allyssa, she gave me a “what” look.  I pointed to her face, she smiled, and knotted her head in agreement.  Yes, God does teach us lessons in hard ways at times.

So what has she learned from all this?

  1. Don’t jump on a round barrel, as fun as it looks, it’s not for little girls.
  2. Rules are sometimes there to protect her.
  3. Consequences to your actions, can take time to heal.
  4. Even when we do stupid things, God still forgives us, and parents too.
  5. Its embarrassing having to explain to everyone what happened and getting the look and sigh that says “you should have listened to your parents.”

Now, while I may come across extremely mean, and unsympathetic.  Let me also say, I did hold her, clean her up, pray with her, and give her medicine.  I also, have not constantly rubbed it in her face, like I have been tempted to.  She has actually brought it up more than we have.

What have I learned from this?

  1. God can teach her lessons way more effective than me. Duh, I know.
  2. God can work on mommy’s heart through my child getting hurt.  Not once did I get angry with her.  I was genuinely concerned, and caring.
  3. Mommy needs to make the goat obstacle not so fun looking to the kids.
  4. How to really use this situation as a time of learning, praying, and giving thanks to God for protecting her and nothing worse happening.

Below is today…almost a week after it happened.

Back to School Prep

This summer has flown by, and drug by, all at the same time.  The last 5 weeks feel like a snail’s pace, but when I look back over the whole summer, it feels like it shouldn’t be time for school to start back yet.  We were finally able to get the back to school supply list last week, which means school is around the corner.

The kids go to a great Charter School.  There are more pro’s than con’s for sure.  My stomach sinks when I see that I have to pay $320 for two kids at Orientation, plus supplies for Kaylee’s classroom.  However, I have made a point of making sure the kids know, it is an investment we are proud to make.  Each of the kids needed new tennis shoes for school and a few other things to get them off to a good start, so by the time it’s all said and done we will have easily spent $500.  While I’m less than thrilled about that, as far as the kids are concerned, mom and dad are excited about a new school year, new teachers, and all that they will learn this year, and proud to be investing in their education.

We want them to be excited and eager to go to school.  We found out who each girl has for teachers, and I know it will be a great school year.  Allyssa will be in 4th grade, and Kaylee will be in 1st grade.  Isabelle will start 3’s class in preschool, in September.  She only goes Tuesdays, and Thursday mornings.  I go into the office every other Tuesday, so it allows me time to run errands, and get things done without the kids.

I always pack the kids lunches, and snacks.  I use the Yum Yum boxes/Bento Box for their lunches.  I always start out the school year, creative, and with pretty lunch mixes for the kids.  By the end of the year, Kaylee is getting PBJ or Peanut Butter crackers for almost every meal, and Allyssa cheese crackers.  I have a million pins of lunch box ideas, but my kids are picky with cold lunches.  Now, if I wanted to send a thermos every day and warm meals, I could send a much better variety.  I may try to do that a little more this year.

I also try to put notes in their lunch boxes.  Sometimes my notes are personal for each child.  Other times, I put in verses/scripture cards, or silly encouragements.  This is a special touch that the kids look forward to most days.  It also lets them know mommy is thinking of them, and missing them.

So, as school gets ready to start back, I need to get on the ball.  I like to keep things organized and have a plan in place.  Comment below if you have any tips/suggestions to help getting organized and ready for school.

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