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Trust in the Lord- How will you fully rely on God?

Trust in the Lord

Yesterday was Pastor Appreciation Sunday at our church.  I am the head of the fellowship team so usually, that means I would have already gone to the church and had everything set up and prepared.  However, I was really sick over the weekend.  Went to the sick clinic Saturday morning, came home and took a nap (I NEVER DO that) and felt a little better.  Was put on antibiotics so hopefully, it will knock this crud out of my system for good.

Our church is small but we have two lead pastors.   However, one of those Pastors has been filling in temporarily for another church who lost their Pastor, for a few months.  In the meantime, some of our Deacons and other members with experience have stepped in to help with the preaching schedule.  This has been a blessing in a lot of ways as it gives the opportunity to “train up” leaders of the church.  My husband has been afforded that opportunity several times this year to preach.  Today, was one of his scheduled preaching times.

I am always proud of him, but I must say watching him stand in front of our congregation and speak Gods word with confidence and love, makes me extra proud.  Sick or not, I would not miss it for the world.  It’s important to me to be there, to show him my love and support.

He has been preparing for this for weeks.  Then, all the sudden, on Thursday evening, he came home and said he needed to re-write his sermon.  Whatever, the Holy Spirit leads my dear.  He spent hours working on it and was up until after midnight tweaking his sermon notes and preparing his slide show presentation Saturday.  There is a lot of work that goes into a sermon.  It’s not nearly as easy as it looks, let me tell you.

Yesterday, he left early to head to church.  He plays the drums and they practice before church on Sunday mornings, so this was nothing new.  I made the kids biscuits and ham.  Started my casserole for the potluck, got all 3 kids dressed, hair done, and ready to get out of the door.  Then I had to get myself dressed, and ready and clean the kitchen before we could leave.  As I mentioned earlier, I had not gone early and decorated and prepared the fellowship hall for the potluck so I had all intentions of getting to church by 9 am.  It was more like 9:30 when I got there.  Thankful some of the ladies stepped up and had already decorated and done the tea and other preparations for me.

Jeremy did a wonderful job on his sermon.  He doesn’t let me read it beforehand, so it was new to me also.  He started out with a story to relate back to his message.  His sermon was on how God can use ALL things for his purpose.  Even those times when we screw up, make a mess and are the most ashamed of. 

He also talked about a specific time when we really prayed and took a leap of faith by turning down a possible promotion.  Come to find out, there had been a mistake and he wasn’t supposed to have been offered it.  He was put back on the Board and promoted within the same office, where we didn’t have to move.  PRAISE THE LORD!

See sometimes, God wants us to step outside our comfort zone to fully rely on HIM and HIS will for our life.  If we follow his prompting, he will do incredible things, that we can’t even comprehend possible at the time.

So, how will YOU step out of your comfort zone and fully rely on God?

If I can get him to agree, I’ll upload his sermon at the bottom of this post later.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Prov 3.5-6 Click To Tweet

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Promotions Come from the Lord-Warrant Officer

“For not from the east nor from the west nor from the south come promotion and lifting up. But God is the Judge! He puts down one and lifts up another.”  (Psalm 75:6–7, AMP)

Back in July, we asked for prayers, for Jeremy, as he went in for a big interview. We found out right after he got to JROTC, that he did get the job. However, I have not wanted to say much until now, waiting on the official orders, and him to get into his new position.  He is full time with the Guard (AGR).

Anyone who knows my husband knows he has always wanted to be an officer of some sort. With some persuasion from fellow co-workers, and friends, he finally applied, and was accepted to become a warrant officer over a year ago.

In the National Guard, those positions are limited. Unlike regular Officers who they place anywhere, a Warrant Officer is a more specialist field, so it has to be an opening in the same MOS(Job type). An opening finally become available, that he qualified for.  He did the interview, and thank the Lord, he was offered the job. This means he will NOT have to deploy in April, as he has now transferred to a new unit. I could not be more happy about that little fact. I know with the beef up in the military, and him still having 8 years left before retirement, that its still could be in our future. I’m just glad we have a little longer.

Jeremy works extremely hard at what he does, he has more than earned this position. I am so incredibly proud of him, and I thankful that this dream will become a reality for someone so deserving. He is a great example of a true hero, and will also be a hero to all his girls.

Last Christmas so Old but good.


The Second side of the story…more of a testament

 Jeremy switched units back in January from the headquarters unit to a field unit. This year has had a ton of challenges, with the fast-paced, and overwhelming job responsibilities of a unit about to deploy. I have been as supportive as possible, however, Satan has done his fair share of attacking me. You see, Satan knows that he can get in my heart, put doubt, fear, and worry. The last time Jeremy deployed was right after we got married. It has been a long time, and we did not have kids then.

Back in December when we started talking about Jeremy switching units, knowing this unit would probably be deployed, it was to Iraq.  Jeremy and I prayed about the decision, talked about it, and prayed more. We consulted faithful friends, asked for their prayers, and ultimately, felt God was leading him to change units. I had peace with that decision, and really felt God was telling me, he would take care of us.

Then in March, a position we thought would be opened to new warrant officers, turned out to not be open to him. I really had in my heart he would get promoted to a warrant officer, and that made me doubt. I continued praying, but at the same time, the reality was setting in, that a deployment was in our future. How would we tell the kids, how would they react, what would I do with him being gone, and handling a home with 3 kids for a year. I know people do it all the time, but worry set in. However, when I prayed, I still felt God giving me a peace in my heart.

While everything was set in stone for a deployment to now Afghanistan, with dates, training leading up to, and everything in motion, when I prayed, I still felt a peace come over me. Then Satan would get in my head, I’d start doubting, and getting anxious. However, God is faithful and true. He had it all planned out a year ago before we ever knew anything about his current job or the new one. I don’t begin to understand His timing, but I do trust Him and know that everything happens for a reason.

8 He sets the time for love and the time for hate, the time for war and the time for peace. 9 What do we gain from all our work? 10 I know the heavy burdens that God has laid on us. 11 He has set the right time for everything. He has given us a desire to know the future, but never gives us the satisfaction of fully understanding what he does. 12 So I realized that all we can do is be happy and do the best we can while we are still alive. (Ecclesiastes 3: 8-12)


Now he will get set up in his new role, go off to officer candidacy school, then hopefully by early spring he can get enrolled in W02 where he will be for a few years.  I can not begin to tell you how proud I am of this man, his accomplishments, and reaching for his goals/dreams.

You will see more post from me going through the above mentioned things.  He is enrolling in the Warrant Officer Candidacy School now.  I was not with Jeremy when he went through Basic so I have no idea what to expect.  We know there will be a formal the day prior to his graduation ceremony.  However for the graduation itself, what am I supposed to wear?  Silly question, but one that has me truly concerned.  😀

PS. This is the big thing I was talking about a few weeks ago.

911 Remembrance…Where were you?

As easy as it is to move on, its important we always remember.  If you lived through 911, it’s a day that you will likely never forget.  I know I won’t.  We watched the documentary yesterday, on TV, about eye-witness accounts, and video footage from that day.  The kids were very interested.  Allyssa, has heard about it in school but did not have to relate to it.
The girls had a lot of questions, and I really think it brought them a better understanding to what happened, and why daddy is in the military.  We watched this while Isabelle was napping, and it was on the history channel I believe, so pretty G rated content.  Thankfully they did not show images of bloodied bodies or things we wouldn’t want the kids to see.  It was very well done actually.  They recounted from firefighters and other that both lost, and had loved ones trapped and rescued.
I remember being in Chapel Service in school, the principle coming in, and telling us what had happened.  It was a bit of a daze and fog.  We didn’t know immediately that it was a terror attack, we thought it was a horrible accident.  When the 2nd plane hit, the whole thing went from being sad to being fear and confusion.  The rest of the day was spent in a whirlwind.  Most classes allowed us to watch what has happening, while some tried to continue with daily assignments.  There was really no use though, no one was focused on class, we were all intrigued about the event playing out.  We wanted to know what was happening and knew this would forever be etched in history.
I was a Junior in Highschool at the time.  My older brother was a volunteer firefighter and in school for EMS.  He was wanting to go volunteer when it happened.  It is one of the reason my husband joined the military later that year.  It most certainly effected us all.  No longer were terrorist attacks something that only happened in other countries.  This was brought to OUR homeland.  It united the country in a way, I had never seen, and doubt we ever will again.  Patriotism took a new meaning.  Men and women joined the military wanting to help and join the cause to keep terrorist away from our families, our children, and our homes.

Where were you when you heard the news?

Did you lose someone you loved?

How did it personally effect you?


I’m praying that today for all those who woke up that morning, said their goodbyes and went on with their day as every other day, just to shortly find out, life would never be the same.  I can NOT image living through that.  So many families never did get closure.  My thought and prayers are with you.


How I became a Stay at Home mom

When I had my first child we were young and just starting out.  We had been married 3 years but staying home wasn’t an option and I never really considered it because I knew it just wouldn’t work.  When we decided to expand our family and have a 2nd child, at the time, she was going to be our last.  The entire pregnancy with Kaylee I desired to stay home with her.  I just knew I would be missing out on so much and one day regret it. 

I started praying about it kept telling God that I knew it wasn’t an option but to give me peace about going back to work.  I did not tell my husband how I felt or what I was praying.  Like with all my pregnancies, I was high risk and complications arose at the end.  Finally, I brought up the subject with my husband, and told him I really wish I could stay home with the baby.  Like me, he said he didn’t know how we would be able to afford it.  We talked and prayed about it and finally Kaylee was born.  I had decided to take a full maternity leave which meant 12 weeks off work to atleast spend that time with my newborn.  I went back to work at 6 weeks when I had Allyssa.  During the time off with Kaylee, I had some post partum depression and most of it stemmed to me not wanting to go back to work.  I wanted to saver every moment with my little one.

I should also mention that after having Kaylee is when God really renewed Jeremys faith.  I saw my husband change for all the better.  He was on fire for God and all things spiritually.  It was something I had prayed about since we got married and it took 9 years for God to answer.  He transformed my husband from a back seat christian into a real Man of God.  Within a matter of months Jeremy was a changed man.  He finally stepped up and took on the role of Man of the house and spiritual leader. PRAISE GOD!

We continued praying about it, and truly seeking Gods will and direction as well as seeking outside counsel from those closest to us.  I went back to work and was trying to pump at work and breastfeed at home.  Within a matter of days she quit breastfeeding.  Nothing I tried would work she simply rejected me.  Finding time to go pump was also a problem in my high paced job.  Within a matter of 2 weeks back to work, I had failed at breastfeeding and was just miserable at work.  Going from 1 child to 2 was harder than I had expected and my firstborn was 3 and into everything. 

My husband finally sat down with me, and we talked, and he said he felt like God was maybe opening the door for me to quit my job and stay home.  This was HUGE because he had not felt that way prior.  I knew it was God changing his heart and I believe with everything in me that it is one decision we took our time on, prayed about, and took a gigantic leap of FAITH that it would work out.  I went in and reluctantly put in my notice at work.  My boss was not at all surprised but I felt a little guilty. I put everything into my work and really prided myself in doing a good job and following through on my commitment to come back after having Kaylee. 

To my surprise within the next 2 weeks, I was offered 3 jobs.  I kept telling everyone that I did not quit because I was unhappy with the company I worked for, rather I wanted to be home with my kids.  Then one of the offers came back and said they wanted me to come and at least talk to them in person.  I agreed, and they offered me a work from home opportunity.  Not only did it allow me to stay home with the kids, it also provided a little financial support to help cover some of the financial burden that we were still stressing and really unsure how God would provide for.

I still am working from home for the same company.  My job and role has changed a lot over the last 6 years but I am part of the team and I know how blessed I am to be able to have the best of both worlds.  I work in the evenings mostly and I am still able to be involved and do everything with the kids and have a flexible schedule.

This is one of the times in my life that I know without a doubt, that God directed our path and provided for our needs.  About 2 years after having Kaylee I had baby fever again.  We prayed about it and I talked my husband into having a 3rd and final child.  Isabelle has completed our family and I was able to have my hearts desire of staying home until she starts school.  I still dont know what I want to do when she does start school in a few years but I am enjoying this amazing opportunity to stay home with the girls while they are little.  I know I will never regret this time with them but very much would have regretted working. 

This is not the decision for everyone and I completely understand how some women want and enjoy going back to work.  Being a stay at home mom, and work from home is by far a harder job for me, than going into an office 5 days a week.  Atleast when I went into the office, I knew I was good at what I did.  I was appreciated, respected, and felt really good about what I had to offer and contributing to our family.

I felt led to share my story with however is reading in hopes of offering encouragement.


I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  I’m pretty sure I have always been this way.  I was taught if you work hard enough and set your mind to it, you can do anything.  I have very much lived by that and worked very hard at all I do.  In every job I have had, this has been true.  I am highly respected where I am now and my opinions seem to matter.  That is a great feeling, feeling respected and needed. 

Then I had children.  No matter how hard I try, or what I do, I seem to constantly feel like a failure.  This parenting thing is no joke.  Its hard work, you don’t get a day off, a sick day, or in my house even 10 seconds to myself.  As I am writing this my littlest is taking a nap and my oldest is playing in her room and my middle child is sitting behind me asking me questions and reading a book. 

I spend more time on Pinterest looking for encouragement and motivation in Christian Parenting.  I wish I could say I have it all figured out but I don’t think any of us do.  If I have learned anything over the years, it is that every child is different, and you cant treat them the same.  My oldest is my wild child and stubborn.  My middle child, while stubborn, is also very gentle.  It would crush her spirit if we disciplined/spoke to her the same way we do our oldest.  Allyssa you have to be extremely firm with while Kaylee you have to be a little more compassionate.  She responds best by positive reinforcement. 

The Verse I am focused on today is be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.  If it were not for my prayers, I would not make it through some days.  When the kids get out of hand and I feel like I’m loosing my mind, I have started stopping everything, and making them get still and quiet so we can pray together.  I always start my prayers out THANKING God, then ask for forgiveness for how I’ve handled things, and most always close by saying to the effect of, and please continue to work in our hearts and help us to love one another as you love us.  MOST times, by the time I am done praying the kids have had a minute to calm down and it gives us a bit of a reset. 

There are a million things I do wrong each and every day but we pray all throughout the day.  If NOTHING else, I am teaching the kids that prayer matters, God matters, and to me that is one of the most important things I can do as a mom.  I also like to get the kids involved and ask them to say the prayer so its not always me.  Yesterday we heard sirens go down the road, we stopped and said a prayer for whoever was involved in an accident or having an emergency issue.  I am so proud of them and how they will stop us and ask to pray when they see a need.

If you have tips or encouragement please leave a comment.  I struggle with patience and not loosing my cool.  I am working so hard to be a more gentle, loving and gracious mom.  I believe full heartily that strong discipline is required but I also think it should be done in a gentle and loving way and that is what I struggle with.  Pray for me in this area.  How can I pray for you?


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