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December Scripture Cards & Advent this Christmas

I know you have all been waiting on these!  😀  But first…

Preparing for Advent (Technically starts December 3)

I want to start the month of December off right.  I don’t know about you but mornings tend to be a bit chaotic around here.  We try to stick to routines which means the kids pick their clothes out the night before, however, it never fails that at least one kid will decide they don’t like what they picked out.  This is, of course, after we do breakfast, I make lunches, and attempt to get all 4 of us girls dressed our hair fixed, and out the door.

We do usually pause the TV for a breakfast prayer and occasionally before Jeremy walks out the door we will say a prayer.  I wish I could say this was always a heartfelt time of prayers, however being honest, it tends to be rushed.

This morning I surprised everyone and changed things up without announcement.  We have a bar area in the kitchen that we usually just bring the kids and have breakfast there in the mornings.  So, when we got all 3 of them in the kitchen and seated, I muted the TV, got their attention and proceeded to tell them, mommies, new plan.

The kid’s grandma Theresa and Papa John have started a tradition of giving the kids an advent calendar of chocolates each year.  So, being December 1st, I took them down and passed them out.  However, I told the girls they couldn’t get their chocolates until we read from our Advent Devotional.  I had Allyssa read today’s devotional.  Which was short, sweet, and to the point.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

For the full devotional you can probably get it at Christian bookstores or here is a link to Amazon. Each day has a scripture, a Christmas Promise Quote and about a paragraph of thought. (This is an affiliate link which will not cost you anything extra but will help offset my blog costs.)

So, after we did the advent reading, the kid’s found their chocolate piece for the day and we said a prayer to start our day.  I must say this felt so good and like a HUGE accomplishment.  Each night, I  have been encouraging the two bigger kids to read a devotional (on their own) which to my great joy they have been doing. Adding this family time in the morning feels great plus its hopefully helping to instill the need to get in Gods word each day.

December Scripture Cards

In addition to the above, I wanted to create new Scripture cards.  There are only 10 here, but I will create another set in a week or so that will take us to Christmas break.  Be sure to subscribe or check back for additional scripture cards.  I use these for the kids lunchboxes.  I also encourage you to write a personal note on the back of them.  It can be as simple as, I love you.  Sometimes I write remember your prayer, I love you, have a good day, miss you, etc.

thumbnail of Christmas Scripture Cards

Be sure to also check out my FREE CREATIONS page where I will add these.  You can find all my other creations there.

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