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To Alabama and Home….

My husband was accepted and attended Warrant Officer Candidacy School for 5 weeks.  This past Monday, the two oldest kids and I made our way to Alabama.  It was a 10 hour drive from us.  There were lots of prayers for this trip weeks in advance.  Prayers for safety there and home.

I left my youngest daughter at home in the watchful care of a wonderful couple from our church during the day and my sister-in-law and brother in the evenings.  She was beyond excited to stay with her aunt Jenn but a little sad her sissies would get to see daddy first.

We left home at 6:30 AM as I wanted to be sure we made it to the hotel by dark that evening.  By the end of the day when we finally made it to the hotel, I was thinking back about our trip and realized that God answered 3 major prayers I had that day.

  1. It was calling for rain the entire way down.  I prayed specifically that if I had to drive through rain, that it would be light and not slow down or further complicate my commute.  There were at least 3 separate times where I could see it down-pouring about a mile ahead, but by the time I got there it was just sprinkling and water running off the highway.  This is beyond a doubt answered prayer.  I did not drive through more than a light rain the entire time.
  2. Going through Atlanta!  I hate traffic, actually routed my drive avoiding as many major cities as possible but Atlanta was un-avoidable.  We took the 2-85 to avoid going directly through Atlanta but this was by far the most stressful part of my trip.  When we stopped at a rest stop about 15 miles out, I texted everyone to PRAY.  I went through at 2pm and luckily it was smooth sailing and no issues.  I had white knuckles and red palms when I got through it but no real issues.
  3. Finally but most certainly not least, I get bad stress headaches.  I prayed specifically that I would not have a horrible headache driving down.  God answered that prayer and I didn’t get one until I got there.  😀  Guess I was a little too specific and should have asked for no headache at all.

Overall, God did not fail me.  He showed me without a doubt that he cares about even my little request and is Big enough to answer them all.

We made it to the hotel at about 4pm Alabama time.  Got settled in our hotel and met up with Grandma and Papa John who wanted to go to dinner.  Luckily there was a Mexican Restaurant about 1/2 mile from the hotel.  We had a nice meal and came back to rest.

Only in Alabama is a selling feature of the hotel “we’ll even give you a room overlooking the cows!”

Our View out our window

The wait is FINALLY over!

Finally the day we have been anxiously waiting for.  We got up, had breakfast and waited around to go see my hubby.  Like all things military it is a hurry up and wait game.  We were told to be there at noon, then at 11am, then noon again and finally he said come about 11:15.  I needed gas so we left the hotel and headed over about 10:30.  Ended up having to wait until more like 12:15 for them to get done as they had computer trouble and had to wait for some papers.

These are pictures I will treasure forever.  It shows the sheer love and excitement of a dad with his daughters and encompasses what it means to be a military family.

When we finally were able to get him, we all went out to lunch then back to the hotel to get ready for the Reception that we had to be back at base for.  When they say be there at 5 P.M, my husband says we need to be there at 4:30.  So we were early as always.

Graduation Day

Warrant Officer Candidacy School is no joke.  Not everyone qualifies, even if you do, does not mean you will get into the school.  They tell everyone at the very beginning that for every soldier, there are 10 others who wish they had the slot.  They push you physically, give a new meaning to the term, “attention to detail,” and emphasize team work.  Each soldier who makes it to graduation has earned it!  This is a HUGE honor and bittersweet moment.

I could not be more proud of my solider.  He has more time in service than most the class did, but also has already been accepted into the next school for Warrant Officer 2 so he will also get promoted first.  😀

The only thing that could have made this better was if his Mom could have been here.  RIP Carolyn Wingerter!  I know you are looking down smiling and so proud of him.  You were one of his biggest supporters and encouragers on earth and now his Angel in Heaven.

Here is the link to my full album of photos.  I will also be posting another blog post on WOC School itself.  I am so thankful to have my hubby home and have glad to say we made it home safely, baby girl was excited to see us, and all is well.  We have spent a good part of the weekend getting the girls caught up on their school work and just spending quality time together.  

Letting off steam

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