Snow brings out the best in people!

If you follow any of my social media outlets, then you know we have just got hit with a HUGE snow storm.  I live in little old North Carolina, and while we usually see 1-2 good snow storms a winter, for us that means 4-6 inches of snow and taking a few days to melt.  Today was unexpected!

All week they have talked about the potential for snow, maybe getting an inch or two.  I was with the other hundred customers in Food Lion, Tuesday afternoon, stocking up on essentials before the snow.  MILK, Bread, snacks for the kids, COFFEE, toilet paper, and a few other items.  However, they were STILL talking like maybe 4 inches as of late last night and said we would wake up to snow falling.

To my and the kids surprise, we woke up to NOTHING.  I went and took care of the goats this morning and as I was walking back up, it started to snow.  It STILL hasn’t stopped.  We now have probably close to 9 inches as it was 8 inches last I measured a while ago.

For us, that is a BLIZZARD!

The kids have been all too excited about this.  I will admit that I have thoroughly enjoyed watching it out the window all day.  Usually when we do get snow, most happens overnight.  We don’t get much chance to sit and enjoy watching it fall.

My goats decided to make me come see them a few hours into the snow.

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Allyssa and I turned on the weather after this and watched the snow coverage for a large part of the morning/afternoon.  The other two kids where up and down playing and not paying much attention to it.  Allyssa however, was dying to go play.  However, I don’t usually let them go out too much until after it stops.

She was wanting to go out so badly, I finally told her to suit up and she could take the goats some warm water and play down at the goat pen for a few minutes, since her sisters weren’t paying her any attention.

Note: All 3 of the kids got Snow Suits, Snow boots, gloves, scarves, and toboggans last Christmas and this one, so they are all set!

Getting buried in SNOW. At this point we had 8 inches and it was still coming down heavy.

As the afternoon went on, the snow continued.  We have been very fortunate and not lost power, YET.  I totally have been anticipating it.  Everyone around us has not had power since about 2:30 this afternoon.  I filled the tub with water, made a fresh pot of coffee, turned our fireplace on and put on a pot of Chili in case we lost it.  I even made some sweet tea and stuck the pitcher on the back porch to chill.  LOL, don’t laugh at my redneck ways.  I learned from the best!

Shortly after dinner, the kids started getting crazy.  By crazy I mean, seriously watch this little knucklehead and try not laughing.

She has gone crazy. This was after dinner.

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A while later when the chilli had cooled down and I was putting everything away and washing dishes she says this.

I usually LOVE snow.  I did LOVE watching it snow.  However, hubby is away and I am having a pitty party tonight wishing I could cuddle up with him and wishing he would be here to play with the girls in the snow tomorrow.  It will be a fun filled day of snowman making, sledding, and enjoying what was brought to us today.  He is always the one the kids (all in neighborhood) want when it snows because he gets out there has just as much fun in it.

I did try to be the fun mom today.  I made snow cream, which was a HUGE hit of course.

All in all, today has not been a bad day.  I was able to get a few things accomplished, spent some quality time with the kiddos, and enjoyed Gods beautiful snow.  Snow always reminds me of Gods love for us.  How he can create something so beautiful to cover all the blemishes of the earth.

For one day my social feeds were full of snow pictures, families playing together, laughter and JOY on the faces of all the kids, a few rants about the unpredictable snow messing up plans, but NO politics, NO drama, just a day of PEACE.  People offering to help each other out who had lost power, or got stuck in a ditch.  People stepping up and lending a hand, no judgement cast.

That is what I liked about today.  My kids loved looking at photos of everyone’s snowfall.  I was actually able to let them scroll through my feed and let them light up with such excitement and happiness.  For one day the our part of the world revolved around the right things.

I went to login to do work and can’t get in my server.  After getting frustrated about my PLANS not working out, I have prayed, decided to get on here and write instead, and turn my plans over to God.  For one reason or another, it’s not meant to be tonight.  Here’s to letting go of my PLAN’S and starting tomorrow a NEW DAY.  Filled with JOY and laughter, and hanging out with my kids.  I will make the most of it.