We could all benefit from being more childlike.

Last night, at dinner I said our prayer and when I was done my middle child politely asked, “Why do we celebrate Christmas with presents.”  My husband and I looked at each other, and before we could say anything my oldest piped in.  She said, “because when Jesus was born the wise men brought him gifts, and now we do gifts in remembrance of Jesus birth.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Adding that no gift we get on this earth can possibly compare for what we will get when we get to Heaven.

Wisemen brought gifts

Don’t you just love how little kids minds work?  I think we could all benefit from stepping back and thinking about the real reason we are celebrating Christmas.  I know it can be overwhelming thinking about having to do gifts for everyone and their brother but it’s really practicing the spirit of giving.  It shouldn’t just be at Christmas.  It should be all year.
Each year, I try to focus on certain improvements.  Not really New Years Resolutions but kinda sorta the same idea.  For example, last year I wanted to focus not worrying with/caring what everyone else thought of me.  Also saying “No” instead of over-committing myself.  Both of these things have made me absolutely miserable in the past and I was determined to break the cycle.  I am happy to say that overall, I have been successful.  It was not easy and I still let Satan get in my head and put those doubting fears there from time to time, but with prayer and practice I feel so much better with my life at the end of this year.
I have been giving a lot of thought on what I want to change/improve for 2018.  I want to have better self-discipline and practice giving back to a new level.
Self-Discipline for me means…
  1. Making time for Bible Studying and quiet time.
  2. Exercising regularly.  Not loosing weight, though that would be great.  I want to be able to enjoy activities with my kids without being tired or out of shape.
  3. Organization in my daily routines.
Giving Back…..Time Management
Most people think of giving back as giving money to an organization/charity.  While that is certainly beneficial and very much-needed, it’s not the only way we can give back.  I’m specifically referring to wanting to do better with time management and giving my time.
  1. I want to be more aware of needs around me and try to help meet those needs.  Of course this also requires the right attitude. Example: Not have a bad attitude about getting granny’s groceries or taking her to appointments.  Rather try to have a love in my heart that will win her to Christ before she dies.  One of my big prayers mind you.
  2. I would love to get involved with volunteering with some charities.  Even better if I can find something even the kids can volunteer time to.
  3. Volunteer more at the kid’s school.
Those are just some ideas I have right now.  This year will be a year of changes for us.  Jeremy will be gone a lot for training’s.  Isabelle will hopefully start a full-time preschool in the fall, which will leave me available during the day to get some of these things done.  
What are your goals for this year?  Would love to hear from you.  Comment below.