Crazy Busy, Crafty Momma

This past week was the last week of school for all 3 of my kids.  As you can imagine, our week was slam packed with everything imaginable.  Mondays the girls are in dance from 3:30-6:30 so our entire afternoon are spent up town. When we get home its dinner, any leftover homework, and off to bed.
Isabelle is in a morning preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I spent Tuesday morning running all over trying desperately to finish up all my last bit of shopping, getting stocking stuffer, home to finish wrapping, and a quick trip to the grocery store before picking her up from school.  Tuesday evening we had Isabelle’s Christmas Program at the preschool.  It was short, sweet, and absolutely incredible.  Isabelle was so excited, and thankful did incredibly well.  We are so very proud of her.
Wednesday was spent around the house.  I do gift baskets each year for the kids teachers and will also be doing some for our families.  Isabelle helped me bake some cookies, pecan bars, made some cinnamon chex mix and gather a few other goodies for each basket.  After dinner, I went to finish putting them together with all the finishing touches.  Hubby offered to help so we finished them together.  He had to leave for Men’s Bible Study but said he’d leave my to my craftiness!
Christmas Baskets for the Teachers!
Thursday was another crazy busy day.  I wanted the girls to take all their teachers their gift baskets.  So, Isabelle and I walked the big two into school with the baskets.  About the time we were pulling into the school parking lot, Allyssa realized she had left her book bag at home.  She had a project due that day of course.  Then we get inside and Kaylee informs me she doesn’t have her jacket (44 degrees for the high).  I ran back home(25 minutes each way), grabbed the book bag and jacket, dropped Isabelle off at school, and headed back to the kid’s school.
Meeting Santa
Close enough to get a candycane.
In addition, Thursday was Pajama Day and surprise visit from Santa at the Preschool.  As well as, all 3 girls had class parties.
Friday, Isabelle and I went to breakfast with my mom which was a special treat.  I don’t get to hang out with her near as much as I’d like.  It was such a blessing the time we had together and Isabelle was even well-behaved.
This weekend was spent running errands, doing some housework, and with me making bows.  I decided to finally learn how to make my own bows.  I’ve been a women on a mission ever since.  My mom went and bought a bunch of ribbon last weekend that was on clearance.  Which gave me lots of options.  I bought one of those Bowdabras years ago, and never really figured out how to use it.  I’ve been watching YouTube videos and doing the bows by hand but decided to give the Bowdabra another try.  So glad I did.



My Bow Gadget
You can get one for yourself at any craft store of handy Amazon. (Contains Affiliate Link, no added cost to you)

Below are some other photos of how we spent our weekend.
Santa Cow at the Mall
Second time we went to see Santa Cow because these two were scared the first time.
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