Christmas Wish List and Letter to Santa-FREEBIE

Enjoy the Freebies!

I’ve been doing these for my kids and decided to share so others might not have to re-create the wheel.  If you like, please consider sharing for others to be able to use as well.  Nothing better than some freebies after-all.  While Santa is not the reason for the Season, it is fun for the kids.

Christmas Wish List

The first is a Christmas Wish List.  I have seen several variations of this and non were to my exact liking, so I decided to create one myself.  LOVE this, if I say so myself.  Something I want, Something I Need, Something to Read, Something to Wear, One thing I really Want and What I want from Santa.  Also a line for your child to think of something kind they can do for someone else this Christmas Season.

thumbnail of Christmas Wish List


Letter to Santa

The second is a letter to Santa.  This letter already includes the mailing address so you can just stick it in the mail and send it off.  It will go to a mailbox that is checked and your child will get a letter back.  We used this address last year and it truly does work.  I’m not 100% satisfied with the letter so I may do some tweaking but for now here is what I have.  Leave me a comment if you have suggestions.  Here are two versions, I have created.

thumbnail of Letter to Santa thumbnail of Letter to Santa2


As always, thank you for stopping by.  You can also check out my Free Creations Page for my other creations which include Scripture Cards for lunchboxes and other items.  I will be adding Christmas Scripture Cards soon so be sure to stop back by. Share, Share, Share!!!