A little clearing….

Jeremy is off for a 3 day drill weekend.  The girls and I were down cleaning up the goat pen this morning, and I have been bugging my dad to come do a little clearing for me.  Ever since we got our goats I have wanted the back wooded area cleared out some so I could see them from my back porch.  I really enjoy our back porch.  I go out and sit with my coffee a lot of mornings, read my devotional, or just watch the kids play. 

Here is the before, with him getting started.  As you can tell its very overgrown and barely any sight line to the goats.

With some work…

He also cleared out a trail for the kids to ride the golf cart.

Here is a view from the goat pen, looking up to the house.  The After…

And of course, with all the clearing out the goats get a special treat.

Last but not least…

What a great way to spend out Saturday.  The kids are covered in dirt from head to toe.  They have had so much fun playing in the new clearing.  Allyssa likes playing Tarzan and swinging on vines.  Kaylee has been climbing trees, and Isabelle took her bike down there to ride.

I can’t thank my daddy enough for taking time out of his Saturday to come and do this.  He also cleared the kids trails for the golf cart as I mentioned above.  They are having a blast with that, and much safer than going up and down the driveway.

Play away babies!  I would much rather them be outside having a blast in the dirt, than inside making a mess or watching tv.  Some of my best memories are playing in dirt.  What are yours?

Hope you have a nice weekend!!!!