911 Remembrance…Where were you?

As easy as it is to move on, its important we always remember.  If you lived through 911, it’s a day that you will likely never forget.  I know I won’t.  We watched the documentary yesterday, on TV, about eye-witness accounts, and video footage from that day.  The kids were very interested.  Allyssa, has heard about it in school but did not have to relate to it.
The girls had a lot of questions, and I really think it brought them a better understanding to what happened, and why daddy is in the military.  We watched this while Isabelle was napping, and it was on the history channel I believe, so pretty G rated content.  Thankfully they did not show images of bloodied bodies or things we wouldn’t want the kids to see.  It was very well done actually.  They recounted from firefighters and other that both lost, and had loved ones trapped and rescued.
I remember being in Chapel Service in school, the principle coming in, and telling us what had happened.  It was a bit of a daze and fog.  We didn’t know immediately that it was a terror attack, we thought it was a horrible accident.  When the 2nd plane hit, the whole thing went from being sad to being fear and confusion.  The rest of the day was spent in a whirlwind.  Most classes allowed us to watch what has happening, while some tried to continue with daily assignments.  There was really no use though, no one was focused on class, we were all intrigued about the event playing out.  We wanted to know what was happening and knew this would forever be etched in history.
I was a Junior in Highschool at the time.  My older brother was a volunteer firefighter and in school for EMS.  He was wanting to go volunteer when it happened.  It is one of the reason my husband joined the military later that year.  It most certainly effected us all.  No longer were terrorist attacks something that only happened in other countries.  This was brought to OUR homeland.  It united the country in a way, I had never seen, and doubt we ever will again.  Patriotism took a new meaning.  Men and women joined the military wanting to help and join the cause to keep terrorist away from our families, our children, and our homes.

Where were you when you heard the news?

Did you lose someone you loved?

How did it personally effect you?


I’m praying that today for all those who woke up that morning, said their goodbyes and went on with their day as every other day, just to shortly find out, life would never be the same.  I can NOT image living through that.  So many families never did get closure.  My thought and prayers are with you.



  1. tanamerarumbai September 11, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    I wasn’t in the U.S. yet but I followed the tragedy from tv. The next day I flew to Singapore for a company business and we just flew around for more than half hour before we landed. Changi Airport raised their security to the highest level to all passengers and the planes. Since then, flying is not as easy at it used to be. But it’s for everyone safety. I don’t mind.

    1. tannah@tannahsjourney.com September 12, 2017 at 4:15 pm

      Wow, I bet traveling was difficult in the midst of all that. For sure an unforgettable experience.

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