Hope you’ve had a good weekend…

Happy Friday

Zoe decided she really wanted my coffee yesterday morning.  I thought it was too cute!


It’s hard to get them all looking together.  My sweet babies.

Today, has been one of those rare occasions, we had no plans, and didn’t leave the house all day.  It turned out to be just what we needed.  We literally spent ALL day outside.  It was gorgeous weather here, and Jeremy ended up not being called in for the storm since its missing most of NC now.


New Necklace

This morning, the girls opened the pearls and put together their new necklaces from Nana and Pop Pop.  They LOVED them, needless to say.

After breakfast, we cleaned up some, and then my brother, and sister-in-law came and started cutting up some trees that had fallen behind the goat pen.   The kids had a  blast playing in the woods, and were actually very helpful.  They worked very hard, putting small pieces of wood in the back of the ATV.

After lunch the kids played on the playground.  One of my favorite places to be is sitting on the back porch, watching the kids laugh, swing, and play together.  It’s so peaceful and just brings joy to my heart.

Because, we helped cut up wood this morning, my brother made sure we had some good pieces for a nice campfire.  The girls looked forward to this all day.  They absolutely love campfires.  I made potato hash-browns, and sausage for Jeremy and I.  Then we roasted hotdogs over the campfire for the kids.  It was such a beautiful night to sit out by the campfire, have dinner, roast marshmallows, and just enjoy singing and hanging out.

Besides the above things, Jeremy mowed the yard, we cleaned up the outside some, and of course played with the goats a lot.  We are usually so busy running from place to place, and always seem to have plans.  I am so glad for this time to enjoy together.

While we are having gorgeous weather, I have been monitoring the weather situation with Hurricane Irma supposed to make landfall in Florida.  My heart goes out to everyone in the path.  I can’t imagine the destruction that will take place, and can’t believe all the people riding it out.  My prayers go out to them all.

So from our home to yours, I pray you stay safe.