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August 27, 2017

Family Fun Weekend

This weekend has been amazing.  A much needed, family focused, relaxing weekend.  With school and dance starting back, I know things are about to get crazy. 

Started our weekend out by going out to dinner on Friday.  As you can tell I had one very excited little girl, that we let her to take her baby doll in.  The littlest one, enjoyed stealing her daddies broccoli.  Major win for mommy, if I do say so myself.  😀  The fact I have her dad and her both eating it, that is. 

Came home, and played with our goat babies for a while.  Here is a short video.  Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel as I will start posting more videos of the goats there.

Saturday morning, we started the morning out by sitting on the back deck for breakfast, and coffee.  The kids let the goats out and enjoyed having the goats chase them around. 

Then, we went to a birthday party.  Had a great time.  The kids had a blast on a 100ft slip and slide.  Followed by biking riding, snacks, and cake. 

So nice to have quality family time with friends.  All the kids enjoyed playing and got along nicely, and the adults were able to actually chat, and enjoy company. 

We came and headed straight out to a family reunion.  It was a beautiful evening, sitting under the carport, eating, talking, and watching the kids chase the dog around and ride on the ATV’s.  I know this is very likely, one of the last we will have with that side of the family.  As life goes on, and everyone ages, things happen.  I’m glad we were able to go and enjoy the company of family.  I can’t post those photos or my grandma and dad would both shoot me.  😀

Today was church, running errands, and home for down time. 

Advantages of having little girls.

I am so thankful and blessed for this little family God has given me.  I so, do not deserve it, but appreciate every day I have with them.

Weight Loss Banwagon

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