First day of the school year.

Well half day, to be exact.

My kids got up this morning, extremely excited, and ready to go.  Allyssa slept in her clothes, she wanted to wear today.  It is a tradition in our home, for me to take a picture of the girls and their daddy.  I didn’t think they would get to have it done this year, he had to leave at 6:30.  However, they all got up, and dressed, as he was about to leave.  So, I snapped a quick picture.  Messy hair and all.

After we prayed together, and got daddy out the door.  I made them breakfast, packed their lunches for their first day of school, and had them finish getting ready.  As per usual, I had take some more photos.

They were ready to go 30 minutes early today.  Needless, to say, we got to school early.  I dropped them off, and Isabelle and I ran by the grocery store and then home.  We went down and played with the goats for a while.  Isabelle missed her sisters….

I was so anxious to pick up them up and find out how their first day back went.  I am pleased to say, each of them had a really great day.  I heard all about friends, and how their teachers were mainly wanting to find out more about the kids today.  Allyssa’s whole friends group, is in her class this year.  She is super excited about that.  Kaylee is sitting next to one of her friends from last year.  I prayed hard all summer for them to have a good year, and for Kaylee to make a good friend.  I really hope that this will be the year, that she makes a friend.  With us not living near the school, and opposite direction as a lot of the kids, it is not as easy. 

They start dance next week, and Isabelle starts preschool the beginning of September.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.