Praise the Lord, Thank you Jesus, Hallelujah, hubby made it home!  Being gone half of the summer has been rough.  I am so glad to have him home, and the kids went crazy.  Isabelle would not leave his side, and kept saying, “daddy, pick me up.”  She was all about daddy holding her.


Bad picture but the only one I have with me in it.


He missed all of his girls so much.  After a 20 hour drive home on a charter bus, he was tired, but happy to be home.  He tried stopping on the way home to get a haircut, but they had a long wait list and only one person working.  He opted to come on home, and I helped him cut it. 

Tickling, and wrestling with Isabelle.

Towards the end of his time at JROTC, he kept saying he couldn’t wait to get a home cooked meal.  I made hotdogs, and hamburgers, with broccoli slaw, and baked beans for lunch.  Then for dinner made one of his favorite, chicken Alfredo, with broccoli, and rolls.  We sat at the dinner table and used real plates.  Something we haven’t done but a few times, while he was away (laughing).

After dinner, we all went outside.  The girls couldn’t wait for daddy to see and play with the goats.  They were so impatient, they brought the goats to him.  LOL.

As much as I tried to have the house cleaned, and everything perfect, so he wouldn’t have to come home and do anything, he still managed to find things to do.  He went around and blew off the walkway, garage, and back deck area.  I went down to help get the goats up and clean out their pen so I’m not really sure what all he got into, but he stayed busy.  It was a beautiful day, gorgeous weather, and a perfect day for him to come home and spend with us girlies.

This morning, he woke up and made the kids breakfast before heading into the office.  He has to work today, tomorrow and has drill this weekend, so not much time off.  We are just thankful he is home,and we can see him in the evenings. 

We are fortunate, and blessed to have this awesome man.  Anytime he goes away for a few weeks, it builds, and restores our relationship.  It helps each of us to appreciate each other, that much more, and reminds us to not take the time we have together for granted. 

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