Are we done yet?

I am FINALLY able to hear from the hubby.  He has done a phenomenal job trying to contact me as much as he could.  It has been so hard not being able to talk to him daily.  We are both ready for this to be done with. 

The feature photo is hard to interpret.  The girls wanted to see daddy’s cot, and area he was sleeping in so he sent us a few photos.  This is what he was using as a pillow.  Allyssa, saw it and immediately said, “Oh no, that wont do.”  They all agreed that it was totally unacceptable pillow for daddy.  They then went into a frenzy planning what to send with daddy next time that would be small enough for him to pack, yet comfortable.  Jeremy and I both got a good laugh out of this whole thing. 

The kids have been very interested in where daddy is, what he is doing, and for some reason his sleeping arrangement.  The first few days he was there he slept in barracks.  Then when the rest of the group met up they moved out to a permanent like tent on the airfield.  This was huge tents that they pumped air conditioning into and he said would freeze you out by morning.  They slept about 30 soldiers to a tent, I think he said.  Then they moved out to the sucky part.  The first camp he was set up at Verizon did not pick up so it while communication was to be limited anyways, it made it even more difficult.  The last 2 days they moved out to a different camp site where he at-least was able to get better reception. 

I have said it in an earlier post but the last two weeks he has been sleeping in tents with no A/C, they have been rationing the water so no showers or being able to even gather a bucket of water to hand wash anything.  He said he is throwing away the one uniform as soon as he gets back to post.  Apparently it is black and he is determined you would never get the dirt and smell out. 

When we were texting and asking him questions he said he hasn’t had coffee in 3 weeks (I would die).  He has been eating mostly MRE’s and the only drink was water they had brought in on a large truck.  He all the sudden misses my home-cooked meals.  I asked what he wanted me to make when he got home and he said he would be thrilled with anything.  He usually picks on me for making chicken all the time, so I jokingly asked what about chicken?  Even chicken would be a welcome change to what he has been getting. 

We have scheduled a late anniversary dinner when he gets home.  He wants a steak and cold beer.  I think I can handle that!  It will be about a month late, but considering we seldom get a date night, I am thrilled to be going out. 

We also have some big news to announce in the coming week or two.  Stay tuned to find out more on where God is opening doors and the next adventure we will be headed on.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.