Meet our Goats

First things first, this is ZOE.  She is the leader of the pack, the oldest of the goats, and the most social.  Isabelle and I share ownership of Zoe.  She hears me outside and starts calling to me.  She greets everyone at the gate, wants to be petted but not held.  She follows like a dog and head butts the others when they are getting my attention and she wants some.  She also loves to steal my chair and thinks she has to be first out when we let them out.

This is Jillie!  She reminds me of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.  I’m pretty sure if she had a voice it would sound just like Eeyore.  She is the most skiddish of the crew.  However she is also the most laid back and easy going.  As you can tell from the above picture.  I look at that and think she is saying in an Eeyore voice “If I must….”  She will let Kaylee hold her like that all day.  The other goats do not like to be sitting up like a person they want to be held over the lap if at all.  Jillie is also our fattest one.  We actually call her Fat Jillie most the time.  She does not skip meals, that is for sure.

This is Princess Riley.  If you knew my daughter, Allyssa, you would know that this goat is the perfect fit for her personality.  Allyssa is almost 10 and still loves getting dressed up, tiara and all for church on Sunday.  Riley is much the same.  She is such a princess.  She HATES getting her feet done though.  I told Allyssa she was going to have to work on that because Princess’s like pedicures.  Riley is very friendly and personable.  She loves getting brushed and going for walks.

Outside of their pen.

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