All about the kids

One day I’ll write about our struggles to have kids.  Today I’m going to give a brief introduction to my kids because that is really my whole reason for this blog.  You will constantly hear about them if you read any of my posts so I felt I should tell you a little about each of them.

Allyssa is my oldest daughter.  She will be 10 soon.  Going into 4th grade.  She is super smart, sweet, affectionate and outgoing.  She pushes my buttons and is probably my biggest challenge in the parenting field.  She has been diagnosed as ADHD by a doctor.  I could have told you she was by the time she was two.  She has brought a whole new awareness to us on the struggles of ADHD.  No matter how much discipline you give a child with hyperactivity issues it only makes matters worse. 

If you have never read Dr. Dobson book, “The Five Love Languages,”  I highly recommend it.  Allyssa’s love language is gifts.  She is a giver.  She loves picking my flowers and taking them to nana, granny, people at church, anyone.  She also is always giving me cards, handwritten notes, crafts, rocks, etc.  She is also extremely compassionate.  She is the little momma to Kaylee and Isabelle.  When they get in trouble or are hurt and crying, Allyssa is always there to comfort them.  Her biggest quality that I pray she never looses, is her eagerness to witness.  From the time she was little bitty she was asking people to come to church with her, to pray with her, and flat out asking if they were Christians. We thank God for this outgoing beauty every day.  One of the most proud moments in our lives was when Allyssa asked Jesus to come into her heart.  Jeremy did a whole study with her to make sure that she really knew what that meant before we finally agreed to her being baptized.  I will never forget and will always cherish the memories of Jeremy baptizing Allyssa at our church.

Kaylee is my tomboy.  She will be 7 soon and about to enter 1st grade.  In a lot of ways, she is my mini me.  She has been our easiest child.  She has a very gentle spirit about her and is easily entertained.  She is my animal lover.  She wants to be a vet one day. 

Kaylee is very athletic, loving, and inquisitive.  She has struggled with school a bit but excelled this past year and is reading and writing beautifully.  She loves arts and crafts, sports, riding with pop pop, swimming, swinging, riding her bike and eating.  She is 3 years younger than Allyssa and weighs about 2 pounds less but is solid as can be.  She doesnt have a lot of close friends but the ones she does she will stick by forever.

Isabelle is our comedian.  I really dont know where to start about her.  She is something else.  She brings so much laughter and joy to our household.  She truly has completed our little family.  She is the only one I have stayed home with from birth, so she is quite attached to mommy.  I have her 24/7 other than from 9-12 two mornings a week during the school year when she is in a morning preschool. 

Some days it feels like deja’ vu with her and acting just like Allyssa did when little.  She is too smart for her own good.  She loves animals and torturing our cat.  She wants to hold and carry the cat all over the house and poor cookie monster (cat) gets terrorized.  Isabelle also loves to be read to, hardly ever sits still, and you never know what she is going to say.  She keeps us on our toes.

These girls are such a blessing to us.  I get frustrated with them a little too easily but try to remind myself that I am going to miss this one day.  Overall they bring so much joy and happiness to our family.  I dont know why God picked me to be their mom but I am grateful before words for the opportunity to raise and love on them the best I can.  We are big believers and try our best to incorporate God in all aspects of our lives not just be Sunday Christians.  We hope and pray that as the kids grow up they will have a solid foundation and always have hope from knowing God.  As they get older we will be able to share real experiences we have had that have proved to us God is real and better explain our faith. 

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.